Sunday, April 1, 2012

Off to Cali to visit Amie and Holly

Sawyer and I headed to Sacramento with Papa and grandma Jan. Jamie and Ashlynn were both getting baptised on the same day. My step sisters Amie and Holly both live in Sacramento. Jamie is Amie's boy and Ashlyn is Holly's girl. Sawyer has been wanting to play with Amie's youngest boy Andrew so we thought this would be the perfect time to head out to Cali.

Sawyer watched out the window when we didn't get on the first flight. He was bummed! We did end up getting on our flights just a little late. Sawyer is always such a patient boy when it comes to flying standby.
Once we arrived in California we headed to Holly's house to let the kids play. They live next to a park and green belt. The kids wanted to ride scooters and bikes in the wonderful weather. Here is Sawyer on the scooter.
The playground had a big pirate ship. Sawyer was really excited about it!
Tyler and Sawyer riding down the slide. They played for most the afternoon together while the other kids were still in school.
Morgan helped Sawyer ride a bike without training wheels. Sawyer was really excited to ride a bike. He felt like such a big boy.
We put him on the bike with training wheels after a few tries on the other bike. Sawyer loved being able to ride around all on his own.
Papa giving Sawyer a helping hand. Sawyer was loving the brake. He would peddle about 5 or 6 times then slam on the brakes. It was hilarious!
He eventually got over the excitedment of the brake and was riding along with the other kids. What a big boy!
Off he goes!!!
Grandma Jan read a couple books to Sawyer one morning. I must say one of Sawyer's favorite things to do is snuggle in and read books. Thanks grandma!
Here we are at the baptism. Sawyer is in the middle of a few of Amie's kids. Michael, Carter, Sawyer, Andrew and Grace.
Papa and grandma with Ashlyn and Jamie before they were baptised.

The Reynolds Family. Morgan, Holly, Libby, Ashlynn, Johna and Tyler. The Sacramento Temple. The baptism was next door. It was beautiful!
The Child Family. Eric, Amie, Jessica, Josh, Michael, Grace, Carter, Jamie and Andrew.
Back on the bike! Yea for warm weather!!!!
Feeding the birds.
Sawyer and Carter at the tea party.
We had so much fun visiting with Amie, Holly and their familys. Thank you all for letting us come be a part of such a special occasion.

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