Friday, April 27, 2012

Pre School Field Trip

We had another pre school field trip to the gym.  The kids love playing at the gym!  It's always fun to see the kids just being themselves.  Running free in the gym and playing whatever they want.  They are always so creative.  Thanks Tiffany for letting us have the field trip at the gym.  It was a blast!!!

Tiffany, Braden, Xander and Sawyer playing in the pit.

Xander and Sawyer being silly.  I couldn't find Sawyer until he popped his head out of the foam.
Tati and Rachel loved the ramp slides.  They went up and down for a good 30 minutes.  Good exercise girls!!!
All the kids on top of the ramp.  Rachel, Brecklyn, Tati, Sawyer and Xander.  1,2,3 GO!!!!
Braden is Xander's little brother (Tiffany's youngest).  He is so adorable!!!
Rachelle and Tasia on the trap. 
Having girl time on the ramps.  These three get along so well.  It's so much fun watching them play!

Thanks everyone for coming to play at the gym.  I can't wait to see what the next field trip is.  Maybe we will head to the park or the zoo since it's warm weather.  Yeah!!!

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