Friday, April 27, 2012

Sawyer and Cooper

Sawyer's friend Cooper moved to California a few months ago.  Cooper's mom Carlie started a YouTube channel called CarlieStylez that she has been working on while in Cali.  Cooper came to the gym to visit the other day to play and visit with Sawyer.  Sawyer was so excited to see Cooper.  As you can see they love playing and are such great friends. It's to bad they ended up moving to Cali.  I guess we will just have to fly down to visit and go to Disneyland. 

Sawyer and Cooper.  Such handsome boys!!!

They were playing superheros as they jumped into the pit.  I made them capes so they would feel like real superheros. 
They loved the slide. They just kept on going.  No time for rest! I wish I had the energy of a kid again.

Cooper, we were so excited that you came to play.  Sawyer misses playing with you!  Hopefully we can come to Cali and visit.  See you soon little buddy!!!

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