Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Goodbye Sodgee

Sawyer's big brother Josh gave him a new puppy a few months ago.  Sawyer named the puppy Sodgee.  He picked the name out when he could first talk.  He named his stuffed dog Sodgee then named his real dog after him.  Sodgee is an amazing dog.  His dad was Josh's SWAT dog.  Sodgee is definitely going to take after his dad.  Unfortunately, we had to give Sodgee to one of Josh's friends.  Sawyer wasn't to excited about giving the dog back.  It's a good thing we can go to SLC and see Sodgee anytime we want. 
Here is Sawyer and Josh with Sogdee and Cody.  Sodgee is the one Sawyer is hugging.

Sawyer, Josh and Sodgee. 
The pictures aren't fabulous but at least we have a couple.  At this point of the night I was about to cry.  I felt so bad that we had to give Sodgee back.
How sweet does that dog look!  This was definitely the best picture of Sawyer, Josh and Sodgee.

Sodgee, with his dad Aries, brother Kruger, and Cody.  He was happy to see them all.

I must say it was really sad letting Sodgee go.  He is going to bring so much happiness to Rich (Maybe after the new baby comes we can try again with a puppy).

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