Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Off to the Circus

Circus Gatti was back in town.  The kids were all so excited to go to the circus.  If you have never been to a small traveling circus, you need to go at least once!  It definitely doesn't have all the amazing acts that Barnum and Bailey has but you can ride the Elephants.  How often does that happen at Barnum and Bailey?!  We spent the evening with our friends Tiffany and Paul along with their kids.  One of Sawyer's best friends is Xander.  We had such a great time!
Here is the group, Mark, Sawyer, Xander, Stacey, Braden, Paul, Tiffany and Kaitlyn.

Sawyer and Xander.
The family at the Circus.  How precious?!
Elephant rides!  How awesome is that?!
The hula hoop girl did a great job!
They had a bunch of Ariel acts.  These girls were really impressive.

They had BMX bikers that did flips.  Pretty sweet!
My personal favorite was the Ariel show with these ribbons.  Here is the girl in the splits.  After this, the girls spun all the way down the ribbon to the ground.  It was awesome!
The Elephants are always a favorite.  They rolled over.
Stood on each others backs.  Most impressive was the handstand that one elephant did. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture.  Bummer!

The kids all had such a great time.  I will say there is something about the circus that makes all kids happy.  I love it!

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