Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Day of Pre School

I can't believe Sawyer has finished his last day of pre school!  How sad!!!! Our little boy is growing up so fast.  He has done so many fun and exciting things over the last year.  I love watching him learn and grow.  He loves everything about learning, reading, writing, experimenting, coloring, anything that gets his mind and imagination working.  I love this little guy so much! 

 Sawyer on the first day of pre school headed to Miss Tiffany's.

 Last day of pre school. 

We took the kids to Brooklyn's playground for the last day of school.  They had so much fun running around, playing and filling out their end of the year books.

Tashia and Xander swinging

Brecklyn and Tati spinning each other is this crazy toy.,

Sawyer and Xander sharing the swing.  They love playing together!

Carson joined us for the last day of school.  This is Brecklyn's little brother.  How sweet!

Tati poses for the camera

Sawyer and Xander love the tire swing! 

Xander in the silly toy that spins super fast.

Sawyer's turn

Tati and Brecklyn swinging

Miss Tiffany put together books for all the kids with pictures of what they had done over the year.  They were all so excited to look and the pictures and write their names in each others books.  They have all become such great friends!  I love it!!!

I picked up some donuts for everyone.  They were a hit!

Brecklyn looks like she might take a nap in the spinning toy.

Tati, Brecklyn and Sawyer ontop of the rock. 

Sawyer turned into an alien!!!  What a goof!!!

Xander playing on the rock.  I'm so glad Sawyer and Xander have become such great friends. 

What a great year we all had together.  I had so much fun getting to know all the kids and their parents.  Teaching the kids was so much fun.  Watching them learn and grow was so awesome!  They are all wonderful kids.  Thank you all for letting Sawyer and I be part of such a wonderful experience. 

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Tiffany said...

So cute!!! We miss you guys...what a fun year!